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Cosmetics / products for personal care - information to manufacturers and suppliers

The main responsibility for the Swedish Poisons Information Centre is to give advice to the general public, physicians and other health care personnel in cases of acute poisonings.
Poisoning incidents with cosmetics/products for personal care represent just about 4% of the inquiries to the Poisons Centre (about 3 700 yearly).

To be able to provide adequate advice in every incident of poisoning, the Poisons Centre needs information about the composition of cosmetics/products for personal care.

According to the cosmetic regulation, (EC) 1223/2009, all cosmetics have to be notified to the EU-commission's central database, CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal). The duty to notify cosmetics went into force 11 July 2013. The EU-commission makes the notified information available to Poisons Centres.

Cosmetics notified directly to the Swedish Poisons Information Centre before 11 July 2013 that are still available at the European market must be notified to CPNP.

Information on how to notify cosmetic products to CPNP can be found on the  CPNP website.

The product information is kept strictly confidential according to the Swedish secrecy law, 2009:400, 25 kap 9§, and is only used for evaluation of acute toxicity. In the information service the product composition is never revealed except to physicians if it is of medical importance.

Questions can be addressed to:
Karin Feychting
Phone: +46 10 456 6786