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Chemical Emergency Service (Kemiakuten)

The national Swedish ICE scheme, Kemiakuten has been located at the Swedish Poison Information Centre (GIC) in Stockholm since 1995. The rescue service, companies and others involved can use a special telephone line in the event of a chemical accident.

GIC has more than 40 years of experience in providing advice on poisonings and chemical accidents. In addition to information on the acute health risks of chemicals and advice on first aid, Kemiakuten also provides information on the environmental risks of chemicals, decontamination, recommended fire-fighting measures, etc. This information is conveyed from the product safety data sheets, which the participating companies submit. If needed, the questioner is referred to expertise from the chemical industry for further information.

There is a formal agreement between the Swedish Innovation and Chemical Industries, IKEM and the Swedish Poison Information Centre. Kemiakuten also have a close collaboration with MSB - the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency in Sweden.