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Chemical products - send information

Product information could be sent to the Swedish Poisons Information Centre in any of the most common formats (PDF, Word, Excel). If you have another format, please contact the Poisons Centre to check if it works as well. We accept ZIP files.

There has to be one file for each product.
If you send information about more than 10 products you also have to create a table in Word or Excel format (see below), which helps us to attach each document file to the right product name and company when it is put into our data base.
In this way our staff quickly finds the right information about a product, when it is needed in the poisons information service. This is very important since it is the name of the product that is indicated when calling the Poisons Centre after poisoning incidents.

To facilitate for the Poisons Centre in handling the product information please indicate whether the products are for household or industrial use.

How to create the table

(It is still possible to create a parameter file as earlier, if you are used to that!)

1. Example:
The company Zytx Swe are going to send information about their products in Word or Excel format. The name of the manufacturer is Zytx Ltd.
The product names are Clean extra, Remove fast and Quick and easy. The files are called cleanx.doc, remove.doc and quickeasy.doc.

The table will look like this

File name (incl file suffix, e.g. .pdf or .doc)Product nameCompany (present on the package)ManufacturerDate  (present in the product information)


Clean extra

Zytx Swe

Zytx Ltd



Remove fast

Zytx Swe

Zytx Ltd



Quick and easy

Zytx Swe

Zytx Ltd


N.B. The name of the product and company will be put into the Poisons Centre's database in exactly the same way as it is written in the table. It is important that the name of the company written on the label is the same as in the table and of course also in the information sent to the Poisons Centre! Also respect that:

  • the date format must be yyyy-mm-dd.
  • filenames must not contain special characters such as , œ or š.
  • product names can contain a maximum of 80 characters.

2. Send the table and the product information, either by e-mail or on a usb-stick.



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